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Organization and quality control are important roles within the Conveyance Department at FTIC. If you want to check parts for issues and help keep our facility organized, consider applying for a position in our Conveyance Department.

Wondering what working in the Conveyance Department is like?

  • Material Organization:
    ​In the manufacturing facility, both welded and non-welded structural car components are organized and stored in designated areas, ensuring easy accessibility and efficient handling during the conveyance process.

  • Conveyor Systems: 
    Conveyor systems play a crucial role in transporting the components within the facility. These systems can be of various types, such as belt conveyors or roller conveyors, specifically designed to carry different types of components, both welded and non-welded.

  • Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIVS):
    Powered industrial vehicles that we use include forklifts and tuggers. Skids are unloaded on forklifts. The parts are conveyed within the plant on tuggers. 

  • Quality Control: 
    During the conveyance process, quality control checkpoints may be established to inspect and verify the components' integrity, ensuring that both welded and non-welded parts meet the required specifications before advancing to the next manufacturing stage. 

  • Material Handling Equipment: 
    Specialized material handling equipment, such as cranes, hoists, and lifters, may also be used to move heavier or bulkier components, guaranteeing safe and efficient conveyance throughout the facility. 

We would love to discuss the potential opportunities within the FTIC Conveyance Department with you.  Contact us today!

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