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At FTIC, our Maintenance Department helps keep manufacturing operations running smoothly. If you want to learn how to improve the performance of top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment, we have a variety of maintenance positions available.

Doing what it takes to keep our facility operational

  • Regular Inspection:
    Maintenance on manufacturing metal presses (tool and die) begins with regular inspections, during which trained personnel examine the equipment for signs of wear, damage or misalignment.  

  • Preventive Maintenance:
    Scheduled preventive maintenance tasks are carried out to ensure the metal presses operate at peak performance. This includes lubrication, cleaning and calibration of the presses to prevent premature wear and breakdowns. 

  • Prompt Repairs: 
    In case of any identified issues or malfunctions during inspections or regular operation, prompt repairs are performed by skilled technicians to minimize downtime and avoid further damage. 

  • Replacement of Worn Parts: 
    As part of maintenance, worn-out or damaged components of the metal presses, such as bearings, seals and gears, are promptly replaced to ensure the presses continue to function reliably. 

  • Maintenance Records:
    Detailed maintenance records are maintained, documenting all inspection, repair and maintenance activities. These records help track the equipment's performance, identify recurring issues and plan future maintenance schedules. ​​

Inquire about job openings within our Maintenance Department by contacting us today!

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