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If you're looking for a new job with great benefits, come talk to us! FTIC has job openings in our Stamping Department. In these positions, you'll learn to stamp out sheet metal parts to be used as radiator housings, fenders, sunroofs, and chassis. 

A quick look at our Stamping Department

  • Stamping Process: ​​
    Sheet metal is fed into high-precision stamping presses equipped with custom dies, which are designed to cut and shape the metal with extreme accuracy and consistency, forming the desired car components. 

  • Quality Control Process: 
    Throughout the stamping process, strict quality control measures are implemented to monitor the dimension, surface finish and overall integrity of the stamped components, ensuring that they meet the required tolerances and are free from defects. 

  • Post Stamping Operations:
    Once stamped, the components may undergo additional post-stamping operations, such as deburring, cleaning and surface treatments, to further refine their appearance and prepare them for the next stages of car manufacturing, such as welding or assembly. 

Overall, the process of stamping sheet metal into car components is a highly precise and systematic operation, where every step is carefully executed to produce high-quality parts that contribute to the safety and performance of the final car structure. 

Want to learn more about opportunities within our Stamping Department? Contact us today!

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